Accounts Receivable

Own the Accounts Receivable function for our B2B brand by sending out invoices and reconciling collections of payments each month. Act as a point person for customers when various invoice disputes arise. Accounts Receivable will encompass the accurate posting and classification of the daily receivable transactions, preparing deposit slips when needed, and maintaining accurate and comprehensive records of each day’s transaction.

What’s Included in Our Accounts Receivable Service:

  1. ✅We’ll gather the data to build the invoices.
  2. ✅Invoices are sent to customers once you’ve approved them.
  3. ✅Statements sent to outstanding customers after a 30 or 60 day period.
  4. ✅Collection calls to customers that are avoiding you.

Our main purpose(goal) for our clients is to Improve their Invoicing, Collections, and Customer Satisfaction

One beneift of hiring an outsourced bookkeeping service is getting help with receivables. Now you can focus on your work while our company manages the data.  Once the invoices are sent out, we can also help you with collections.

Our online tools make it easy for you and your staff to communicate with us. That way, you can be in the field and send us the information from your laptop or phone.  Once we get the data, we’ll turn it into an invoice and send it back for approval.

Your customers don’t need to know about our company.  We can use your email platforms for a consistent brand experience as well as answer the phone like an employee.

A strong accounts receivable system will improve cashflow for your business.  Most cash deficits are caused by poor accounting practices, not a lack of work. Get your business on track today and enjoy the beneifts of a clean receivables system.

Accounts Payable

Take on the Accounts Payable function for compiling and approving monthly invoices for payment. Act as a point person for vendors when reconciling various billing disputes. Accounts Payable will encompass the processing of all accounts payable transactions including bills, credit card charges and invoicing client bills, ensuring accuracy of each bill and proper classification

What You Get with Accounts Payable Outsourcing:

  1. ✅Vendor balance reconciliation.
  2. ✅All new bills will be entered into your accounting software each day, week, or month.

We’ll manage your vendors, pay your bills, and get discounts. 

This is an ideal service for businesses that manage a large volume of bills.  If you buy a lot of product, work in industries like construction, or simply don’t have time, we can help.  A strong accounts payable system is often accompanied by a purchase order system.  Our staff of accountants will work with your company to build the right kind of system to manage your vendors.

A strong accounts payable platform will help you control your cash outflow. You’ll also get discounts with vendors and keep documents organized.

Business bank reconciliations

Bank reconciliations are one of our core services.  It gives our clients a clear view of their cash positions, and that means better decision making. There’s nothing worse than not knowing if you can invest in a new piece of equipment.  Hoping that the check will clear is not a good business strategy.  It’s time to master your cash.

What’s Included in Our Bank Reconciliation Service:

  1. ✅Daily, weekly, or monthly data entry from your bank accounts to your accounting software.
  2. ✅Reconciliation of all cleared transactions, open deposits, and open checks.
  3. ✅Matching bank reconciliation balances to your trial balance for financial statement review.

Cash reporting as needed.

Credit card management

When credit cards are not managed properly, they become a burden to a business.Get your credit cards working for you. An Ignite Spot bookkeeper will manage everything for you so that you can get back to business.

What’s Included in Our Credit Card Reconciliation Services:

  1. ✅All credit card transactions will be entered into your accounting software each month.
  2. ✅Each credit card will be reconciled to its statement.
  3. ✅Cards will be paid on time to avoid fees and interest.